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Impractical Jokers Live: Nitro Circus Spectacular {Giveaway}

My daughter and I are BIG fans of truTV's Impractical Jokers. She's a tween and she thinks it's damn near the funniest thing on television. She's a little young to remember when Nitro Circus was on, but I used to watch that show religiously. I always wanted to see it live and I never got the chance. But now, my kid and I are going to be able to watch both of these … [Read More]


Total Frat Movie is Available on iTunes and Amazon

I remember the first time that I saw Animal House. I was thirteen-years-old and at that point in my young life it was the funniest movie I had ever seen (It's still … [Read More]


Sriracha Honey Garlic Wings {Recipe}

I walked outside this morning around 7 am and felt a little nip in the air. I live in South Florida, so by nip in the air, I mean 67 degrees. But, I'll take what I … [Read More]


Atlantis is Perfect for All of Your Celebrations

A few years ago, my family and I got the chance to stay at Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas and we absolutely fell in love. We weren't there for any particular reason other than really wanting to visit Atlantis. The one thing that I did notice was that … [Read More]

Guy’s Pig and Anchor on the Carnival Magic {Video}

Two of my favorite things in the world are traveling and food. When I get a chance to combine both of them together... It's like a small nuclear explosion of happiness. This summer, I got a chance to sail on the Carnival Magic and these two worlds came … [Read More]


Swag for Men that Rocks This Holiday Season

Swag for men is always welcome for the man in your life. Wives, sons, daughter, various other relatives, I have to tell you a secret. We guys don't love ties and ANOTHER socket set to add to our growing collection as much as you think we do. We like cool … [Read More]

Pro Athlete of the Family? Dad, of Course.

Pro athlete. When you think "dad" you may not think of that phrase, but it's true. Allow me to explain. I may be rocking the Dad Bod, but I am absolutely a pro athlete in the family. A dadlete, if you will. We dads are the unsung heroes of the athletic … [Read More]

Corn Dogs Done Right with Johnsonville

I'm sharing #SausageFamily in my life as part of a Johnsonville sponsored series for Socialstars™. Corn dogs - the classic American food. In my opinion, there's nothing more classically American than corn dogs. I grew up on them. Whether I was at the … [Read More]