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Because Sometimes… You Just Need a BIG AZ Burger

I am a guy that is constantly on the go! I don't always have time to overthink grabbing a quick bite to eat. Sometimes, I'm just looking for a fast and easy lunch, dinner or snack.  I'm not a big fan of most fast-food restaurants and sometimes it's just impossible to cook. Recently, I found a tasty solution to my problem. A Big AZ Burger! Because sometimes... You just … [Read More]


Teach Your Kids to Love Great Music With Beat Bugs

When I was growing up, there weren't too many shows that encouraged you to like great music. If my parents wanted to educate me, they would put on some vinyl (Those … [Read More]


Breakfast Pigs in a Blanket {Recipe}

The school year is in full effect at my house. We've had tests, we've had meetings, extra curricular activities have started and I'm getting up WAY to early in the … [Read More]


Atlantis is Perfect for All of Your Celebrations

A few years ago, my family and I got the chance to stay at Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas and we absolutely fell in love. We weren't there for any particular reason other than really wanting to visit Atlantis. The one thing that I did notice was that … [Read More]

Guy’s Pig and Anchor on the Carnival Magic {Video}

Two of my favorite things in the world are traveling and food. When I get a chance to combine both of them together... It's like a small nuclear explosion of happiness. This summer, I got a chance to sail on the Carnival Magic and these two worlds came … [Read More]


3 Must Have American Made Watches

Watches come from all corners of the globe and every watch tells a story. The beauty of the watch is it's oftentimes a perfect representative of the designer itself, with the designer being representative of the place they reside. So what comes to mind … [Read More]

Make a Change With Unstuck Life Courses

Have you ever woken up one morning and just wasn't looking forward to the day in front of you. You just kind of felt like you were in a rut or ...stuck. I know I have. We all get caught up in life and none of us are perfect. Sometimes we could all use a … [Read More]

3 Tips For Giving Your Car a Longer Life

Darren Turner tests drives for Aston Martin and is also considered one of the UK's most successful and highly experienced race car drivers. He is one of the few people who have driven the Aston Martin Vulcan. That's a pretty impressive claim... There are … [Read More]