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Cheers to the RedFrog Brewery at Sea on the Carnival Vista

This summer, my family and I got an amazing opportunity to sail Carnival Cruise Lines latest ship, the Vista. We knew that there were going to be a lot of great things to look forward to on the Vista. A 3-D IMAX theater, Havana Bar & Pool, SkyRide at SportSquare, Seafood Shack and the RedFrog Brewery. Yes, you read that right. A BREWERY… AT SEA! My hands began to tremble with the thought of being able to sample tasty craft beers that were brewed on the open water. It was like some sort of beer lovers fever dream come to life. After I pulled myself together, I only had one comment – Cheers to the RedFrog Brewery at Sea on the Carnival Vista!

ThirstyFrog Caribbean Wheat Beer

Colin Presby (@TheRealPresby on Instagram) is the brewmaster who has taken on this challenge and successfully brought three great craft beers to the Vista. He’s a very humble character, with a big smile and a passion for what he does. Whenever he begins to talk about beer, his face lights up like a kid at Christmas. Brewmaster Colin has crafted three very distinct beers that will appeal to almost every beer lovers palette. Whether you are a hardcore beer snob or someone who is just looking for a cold glass of suds to enjoy on vacation, the RedFrog Pub and Brewery has something for you.

RedFrog Pub and Brewery Beer Tour Tasting

  • ThirstyFrog Port Hoppin’ IPA has obvious hoppy notes with a refreshing taste of citrus. It’s great for any lover of IPA’s or someone who is looking to get a great introduction to what the IPA beer boom is all about.
  • ThirstyFrog Caribbean Wheat is a Belgian Style ale that has an unfiltered look and is flavored with coriander, orange peel and other spices. This is perfect for sipping on a warm,sunny day. Or like the title refers to… On a Caribbean beach.
  • FriskyFrog Java Stout is rich, with heavy coffee notes and smooth as silk. All of the beers are wonderful, but this was the one that I found myself enjoying port after port. I would’ve bought a keg and taken it off the ship if they would have let me!

One of my favorite things about visiting a brewery is the tour. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to experience that on the cruise, but leave it to Carnival to have all the bases covered.

The RedFrog Brewery tours happen on sea days. They’re $12.95 per person and that includes a generous tasting. But, spots are limited, so make sure you sign up as soon as you get on the Vista. Hopefully, the next time I’m there I’ll see you. I’ll be the guy sitting on the barstool enjoying the handcrafted beer. It might be hard to spot me… There will be a lot of people doing the same thing!

Enjoy Mike’s Hard Pot of Gold

I’ve been wanting to visit Ireland for as long as I can remember. All of my friends who have been there, have said how amazing and beautiful it is. With St. Paddy’s Day coming up, I’m going to enjoy Mike’s Hard Pot of Gold and envision great places to visit in Ireland.

I picked an old favorite ( Mike’s Hard Mango Punch… yum!) and a new flavor (Mike’s Hard Raspberry Elderflower… double yum!). Both are really bright, refreshing and perfect for any Spring get together.

Mike's Hard Mango Punch and Raspberry Elderflower

Mike’s Hard Pot of Gold


Mike's Pot of Gold ingredients

  • 1 bottle of Mike’s Hard Mango Punch
  • 1 bottle of Mike’s Hard Raspberry Elderflower
  • 1 lime
  • Ice


Mike's Pot of Gold

  1. Fill your favorite glass with ice.
  2. Pour in half a bottle of Mike’s Hard Mango Punch.
  3. Pour in half a bottle of Mike’s Hard Raspberry Elderflower.
  4. 1 tsp. of fresh squeezed lime juice.
  5. Garnish with a lime wheel.


The first place on my list of places to visit in Ireland would be the Blarney Stone itself.

The Blarney Stone:

According to legend, kissing the stone endows the kisser with the gift of great eloquence and the skill of flattery. The ritual of kissing the Blarney Stone, according to the castle’s proprietors, has been performed by “millions of people”, including “world statesmen, literary giants and legends of the silver screen”. The kiss, however, is not casually achieved. To touch the stone with one’s lips, the participant must ascend to the castle’s peak, then lean over backwards on the parapet’s edge. This is traditionally achieved with the help of an assistant. Although the parapet is now fitted with wrought-iron guide rails and protective crossbars, the ritual can still cause angst to anyone who has an extreme of heights.

The Burren:

Located close to north Clare and south Galway, The Burren is a must see for anyone visiting Ireland. It is quite easily the most unique and interesting landscape in Ireland, if not all of Europe. It combines distinctive limestone rock formations with rare species of flora and fauna. The Burren’s name is derived from the Gaelic word Boireann, which means rocky place. Its completely unique appearance is the result of thousands of years of the erosion of limestone by acidic rainwater which has left ruts and hollows between the rock surfaces.


Not well known to Americans, the Passage Grave of Newgrange is one of the most historically significant locations in not just Ireland, but in Europe as well. The Passage Tomb might be only rivaled in importance by Stonehenge. This prehistoric tomb dates back to 3000 BC, which makes the tomb 400 years older than the Pyramids of Egypt and over 1000 years older than Stonehenge. One of the most amazing things to see in Newgrange is the winter solstice, A beam of sunlight travels the length of the tomb and illuminates the floor. Newgrange is an officially designated World Heritage Site by UNESCO and attracts almost 200,000 visitors annually. You can take a tour into the tomb itself.

I would raise a glass of Mike’s Hard Pot of Gold in any one of these amazing places!

Be sure to have a great time and you should always drink responsibly!

Thank you to Mike’s Hard Lemonade for sponsoring this post. All opinions and love of Mike’s Hard Lemonade are my own. You must be 21+ to drink this product.



Classic Cocktails: Traditional Irish Coffee Recipe

With St. Paddy’s Day almost here, I thought it would be a great idea to include a traditional Irish Coffee recipe in my Classic Cocktails Series. This a great beverage, not only for St. Paddy’s, but whenever your guests are looking for some thing to warm them up and put a pep in their step. It’s booze and caffeine… What a great combination!

Here’s a little story you can tell them while you’re pouring drinks. It’ll make you look like a pro mixologist. They always have the best stories!

“Different variations of coffee cocktails pre-date the now classic Irish coffee by at least 100 years. The original Irish coffee was invented and named by Joe Sheridan, a head chef in Foynes, County Limerick. The coffee was conceived after a group of American passengers disembarked from a long flight on a miserable winter evening in the 1940s. Sheridan added Irish whiskey to the coffee to warm the passengers up. After the passengers asked if they were being served Brazilian coffee, Sheridan told them it was Irish coffee.”

Traditional Irish Coffee Recipe

Irish Coffee, courtesy of KRUPS www.krupsusa.com

Traditional Irish Coffee Recipe


  • 50 ml Espresso
  • 1 tsp light brown sugar
  • 20 ml whisky
  • 20 ml single cream


  1. In a saucepan, heat the whisky then incorporate the light brown sugar in order to dissolve it.
  2. Pour the mixture into a glass and pour the espresso on top.
  3. Lightly whisk the cream and arrange it carefully on top of the drink.


As always, please drink responsibly!


Passion Punch Cooler {Recipe}

February is a month that is full of love. Love to the left, love to the right, it’s a virtual LOVEFEST! It’s tough for anyone to feel some warmth with all of this cold weather still going on. So my wife and I came up with a new cocktail to get us over the low temperatures and into a warm, fuzzy kind of mood. It’s a little tropical, a little tangy and full of passion!

mikes cranberry+passion fruit lemonade

Mike’s Passion Punch Cooler


  • Six-pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade
  • Six-pack of Mike’s Hard Cranberry Passionfruit Lemonade
  • Pineapple juice
  • Ice


  1. Fill your favorite glass with some ice.
  2. Pour in half a bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade.
  3. Pour in half a bottle of Mike’s Hard Cranberry Passionfruit Lemonade.
  4. Top with pineapple juice.
  5. Stir and top with an original love themed garnish.

mikes passion punch cooler


Since we’re in a sunny, lovey mood now. Here are some of the most romantic and passion filled places I have ever been with my lovely wife.


The Bahamas – The Bahamas are known for its amazing beaches. With breathtaking islands and cays, and the clearest water on Earth, it’s no wonder people come from all around to sink their toes into miles of pure white, and in some places pink, sand. It’s one of the first places we ever took a romantic getaway and we have been back many times since. In short, the beaches you’ll find here are the very definition of passion and paradise.


Venice, Italy – We had seen it in movies. I saw pictures in books and magazines. But nothing could have prepared me for the beautiful waterways of Venice, Italy. They are simply jaw-dropping! Venice is one of the most amazing and passion filled cities I have ever seen. Exploding with beauty and culture, you can literally feel your body and brain just soaking it up. The endless stone bridges introduce you to one new picturesque scene after another.This was one of the first times I actually was struck speechless by a city. It almost seemed wrong to talk too much, you just want the city to soak YOU in, not the other way around. God willing, I’ll get back there soon!

barcelonamarket (1)

Barcelona, Spain – Barcelona is full of beautiful architecture. The real treat is the food scene. The city is full of passion for food and it’s literally bursting at the seams with phenomenal things to eat. One of the most amazing open air markets in the world is La Boqueria.  It’s truly an impressive sight! A mecca for foodies from all over the world, there is something for everyone. And maybe even a thing or two that you didn’t realize you had been missing in your life.Wine bars, exotic fruit, fresh juices and meat on a stick... I still dream about the Jamón ibérico! My wife and I consider this, one of the most romantic places we’ve ever visited.

Any one of these destinations would be a perfect location to sip on a Mike’s Passion Punch Cooler. If you can’t book a romantic getaway, just plan one at home. Mike’s Passion Punch Cooler will put you and your special someone in a romantic mood no matter where you are!

mikes passion punch cooler

Be sure to have a great time and you should always drink responsibly!

Thank you to Mike’s Hard Lemonade for sponsoring this post. All opinions and love of Mike’s Hard Lemonade are my own. You must be 21+ to drink this product.